Soldiers For The Truth is a grass-roots educational organization started by a small group of concerned veterans and citizens to inform the public, the Congress, and the media on the decline in readiness of our armed forces. It is a non-profit organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal revenue Code.

Inspired by the outspoken idealism of retired Colonel David Hackworth, SFTT aims to give our service people, veterans, and retirees a clear voice with the media, Congress, the public and their services.

As expressed in the title of Hackworth’s first book, “About Face” when he courageously faced his nation’s decline during the Vietnam War, SFTT is facing relevant political and military issues head-on to prevent a further decline in readiness and national security.

SFTT is headed by retired Army Colonel David H. Hackworth.

The SFTT newsletter is called “Defense Watch”. Voice Of The Grunt, originally conceived as David Hackworth’s personal newsletter, is an integral part of the newsletter and remains the forum for the troops on the ground. The Defense Watch newsletter’s main goal is to make YOUR concerns heard, using the full spectrum of the Internet. In addition, the newsletter addresses the broader perspectives and issues that require political debate and involvement at higher levels.

Our Mission

Unite and inspire the nation’s active and reserve component military personnel, the veterans, the citizens, and the Congress to ensure that our military institutions are efficient and effective and our forces hardened and capable to defend and protect the values and culture of this Nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic, with reasonable and acceptable cost.

Our Intent

  • Become the most informed and most vocal voice for all Military Services of the Nation.

  • Create an organization that contributes to frank discussion of military affairs and the political process impacting national defense.

  • Ensure our forces are manned, equipped, and adequately supported by our Nation to successfully fight in any environment.

  • Inform and involve the American public to ensure that armed conflict is only waged for the Constitutional purpose and a clearly defined national interest.

  • Listen to the concerns of the troops “on the ground” to provide feedback to their leadership and our elected officials with constructive proposals for resolution.

  • Encourage young Americans to serve their Nation for a higher purpose, either in the active forces or following the citizen-soldier concept in our Guard and Reserve.

  • Break down the wall that has developed between our people and our forces. Encourage open/unimpeded information exchange.

  • Uphold, sustain, and protect the values and culture that made this country great and unite us as Americans – language, adherence to the Constitution, responsibility, and self-discipline.

  • Unite and involve veterans of all generations – they know what it means to serve and to sacrifice. Publish their experiences for the benefit of future generations of warriors.

  • Interest readers and members in literature, films, and events concerning our national defense, military heritage and cultural values.

Our Objectives

  • Leadership (main effort) – re-establish and preserve the warrior ethic; reform military education and training (officer, NCO, enlisted/basic); regimental system; unit cohesion; accountability (soldier and leader)…

  • Training – training realism; facilities; training devices/means and simulations…

  • Readiness – manning; maintenance; replacements (recruiting and retention); policies/morale…

  • Materials and Acquisition – buying the right stuff for units and individuals; major end items (planes, ships, tanks etc.), Joint and Combined projects…

  • Programs and Benefits – retirement; housing; housing allowances; education; military funerals; medical care; PX/Commissary; medical care; VA issues…

  • Strategic, Operational, and Tactical issues – NATO; overseas commitments; national interest; unit structures and employment intent; tactical/operational application of assets; orders process; tactical innovations; experience reports …

  • Values that Unite – Flag, Constitution, language, history….

Current Operations

We are the voice of the rank and file, representing mainly a readership from Private E1 to Colonel (O6), as well as civilians of comparable rank and position and like-minded general officers as well. We have 20,000 registered supporters and are adding on average 170 per month.

Despite the emergence of other E-commerce military sites, we are able to offer profoundly different perspectives. While the other sites are interested in profit and must avoid attacking critical issues and bad leaders, we can target the issues and the leaders.

Because of our outspoken nature, SFTT has successfully increased public exposure: Hack’s columns (continuous); MSNBC – (Y2K medals/27 Mar 00); USA Today (Y2K medals/20 Mar 00), Army Times (Y2K/3 Apr issue), Washington Times (LTG Kennedy affair). The August 1999 SFTT Newsletter featured an article on anthrax vaccinations written by Bill Rogers and made its way into the halls of Congress.

Our Symbol

The Minuteman

He reminds us of our citizen-soldier heritage, dating back to the Revolutionary War. A time when a few determined men embraced the spirit of revolution for the good cause of freedom and won against impossible odds with courage, wisdom, cunning, good allies, luck, and a strong belief that destiny was on their side.

Our Motto

Our motto reminds us of the citizen soldier concept that helped conceive our nation. It reminds us that we as US citizens have undeniable rights but also duties and responsibilities.

In his speech to the New York Legislature in 1775, George Washington reinforced that soldier and citizen must complement each other.

“When we assumed the Soldier,
we did not lay aside the Citizen”

Our Priorities

Our nation’s forces aren’t what they should be! Drastic improvements don’t seem part of the current leaders’ plans. With new threats on the horizon, SFTT’s concern is how we can prepare to meet them.

How can we ensure that our forces are only committed in support of the National Interest and given the right means to succeed? How can we prepare our soldiers and the infrastructure that supports them for the multi-deployments they must undertake everywhere they are needed? How do we assure the families left behind are cared for? How do we keep people from “burning out” in an ever more demanding deployment tempo?

We believe that the funds provided by the U.S. taxpayers are sufficient to acquire the talent, gear, and training. We must now ensure is that our money is properly focused. And as we work through the objectives of SFTT, we will address the issues brought to us by those who are in the field and experiencing either SUCCESS or PROBLEMS.

Your Help

What supporters can do to assist SFTT:

1. Waste, Fraud and Abuse

Be our eyes and ears. If you know of a case of waste, fraud or abuse, let us know. If there is a positive example of a leader who puts his or her career on the line for the right reason, help us give credit!

2. Congressional Contacts/Educating Your Elected Officials

a. If you see an item in the SFTT Newsletter that hits a button, call your Congressman/woman and let him/her know what your views are.

b. Contact Vote Smart, an independent organization that provides positions on issues, biographical information, campaign finance data, performance ratings and voting records on your elected officials. You can find them at There is a research hot line at 1-888-VOTE-SMART.

c. If you are in any veteran’s groups, think of recruiting their support. Your Senator or Representative will pay attention when a good number of letters or phone calls are received on a specific issue.

d. Drop in at the local office of these public servants. Let them know there is a solid source of straight information/truth on issues of national defense. Mention that you’ll be watching to see how the Senator or Representative votes on issues affecting the readiness of OUR Armed Forces.

3. Recruit New Members

a. Go out and recruit friends to support SFTT.

b. Pass out the newsletters and hang them on bulletin boards (the Brass love it!!!).

c. Pass on the E-mail version of the newsletter to other interested people.

We have to change the thinking of the Pentagon and Congress and must counteract those who place self-interest and profit ahead of what’s best for our country. The U.S. military did not decline overnight. Our struggle will be long, arduous, but beneficial to our Nation.

4. Monetary Support for Soldiers For The Truth

SFTT will keep you informed and advocate your concerns and issues. This effort requires long hours and many “ground troops.” All it takes is $ 30.00 to become an official supporter, but all donations, up to a MILLION are welcome.

The IRS recognizes SFTT as a 501(c) 3 non-profit educational foundation, which means that all donations are tax deductible. (EIN #31-1592564.)

Please send a check to:

P.O. BOX 54365
IRVINE, CA 92619-4365

Volunteer Recruitment

SFTT needs you. Please send us your information and tell us about your interests plus your contact information.

You will make a difference in the lives of those
who put Duty, Honor and Country first.